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"Who's Left?" 2012 - Revenge of the Sith

Our special report "Who's Left? 2012" continues this week with Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The final installment in the Prequel Trilogy, it was released in 2005. Seven years later, over seventy-five characters still remain to be made into action figures, including several Jedi, a few Wookiees, over a dozen Galaxies Opera House patrons, and ten versions of Senator Amidala in various outfits from her extensive wardrobe. Here's our list of "Who's Left" from Revenge of the Sith. Click on the links to go to each character's Wookieepedia article and learn a little more about them. Some of them are pretty obscure! This list is unchanged since last year's report.

Nee Alavar
Fema Baab
Cellheim Anujo
Tundra Dowmeia
Fang Zar
Giddean Danu
Bana Breemu
Veedaz Awmetth
Ivor Drake
Sateen Vestswe
BD 3000
Sweitt Concorkill
Romeo Treblanc
Tannon Praji
Ottegru Grey
Onara Kuat
Gem Sirrom
Ulfor Bombaasa
Brookish Boon
Opula Deget
Janu Godalhi
Son Halliikeenovich
Greeata Jendowanian
(image from OfficialPix)
Koyi Mateil
Delva Racine
Rystall Sant
Duke Teta
Waks Trode
Coleman Kcaj
Lampay Fay
Zyn Javeb
Cin Drallig
J'oopi Shé
Olana Chion
Melik Galerha
Whie Malreaux
Sors Bandeam
Jeswi Ele
Shia Letap
Koffi Arana
Shadday Potkin
Nute Gunray
Rune Haako
Rute Gunnay
Sheltay Retrac
Corla Metonae
Midwife Droid
Maneeli Tuun
Queen Apailana
Eeusu Estornii
Neb Creip
Ruwee Naberrie
Jobal Naberrie
Sola Naberrie
Pooja Naberrie
Ryoo Naberrie
Barrow Oicunn
Beru Whitesun Lars
Padme Amidala – Buns Hairdo
Padme Amidala - Visiting
Padme Amidala – Beaded Dress
Padme Amidala - Delegation
Padme Amidala – Peacock Dress
Padme Amidala – Aqua Nightdress
Padme Amidala – Senatorial
Padme Amidala – Revelation
Padme Amidala – Birthing Robe
Padme Amidala – Funeral

There's still a lot of ground for the Hasbro action figure line to cover from Revenge of the Sith. Firstly, we've still got ten different Padme Amidala outfits from this film that are yet to appear in the line. A few of the most iconic include the Buns Hairdo similar to that of her daughter in Episode IV; the purple Senatorial Outfit from Palpatine's declaration of the new Empire; and of course the Funeral dress from the end of the movie, one of many dead action figures on people's wish lists! Will Hasbro shy away from this concept, or do we have a chance of seeing Padme from this iconic and touching scene some time down the road?

There are also several Senators yet to be made, which appeared in the film and/or in the deleted scenes. Some of our favorites include Bana Breemu played by Bai Ling, who we interviewed a couple months ago (click here),  Giddean Danu played by Christopher Kirby, who we also interviewed last year (click here), and the Vurk senator Sweitt Concorkill seen in the Chancellor's box at the opera house. And who could forget the Quarren senator Tundra Dowmeia and his mysterious aide Cellheim Anujo, who greeted Chancellor Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker upon their safe return to Coruscant. Any of these characters would make cool action figures.

A droid model that we're surprised hasn't shown up in the line yet is the feminine BD 3000 service droid, seen in Bail Organa's offices in the deleted scenes. These droids have also made appearances in The Clone Wars cartoon series. They'd be an excellent choice for the line should the Build-a-Droid concept return someday.

Another group of characters from Episode III which deserve some attention in the line are the Galaxies Opera House patrons. A few of the most interesting selections from these scenes include the weird looking Delva Racine, the Ishi Tib senator Waks Trode, and the sexy Twi'lek female Koyi Mateil. Also of interest are Prequel-era cameos made by Rystall and Greeata, two of the dancers from Jabba's Palace in the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi. But frankly, most of us would probably rather see resculpts of them based on their Return of the Jedi appearance first.

Now, onto Jedi characters. There are still several great choices that can be made from Revenge of the Sith. Of the highest importance, at least in our opinion, is the last remaining Jedi Council member yet to made into an action figure, the Ongree Coleman Kcaj. Another cool Jedi that deserves an action figure is J'oopi She. We've all seen what impressive sculpting Hasbro can do with the Nikto species, so we're sure this would be a terrific figure if it were released. There's also the fan-favorite Cin Drallig, played by swordmaster Nick Gillard. (We're surprised we haven't seen him in the line yet.) And let's see some younglings too, like Sors Bandeam. No Jedi Temple assault is complete without sweet little younglings!

Earlier we mentioned Padme Amidala from her funeral. The funeral scene also has a few interesting characters that could be made. The most notable of course is her family: father Ruwee, mother Jobal, sister Sola, and nieces Ryoo and Pooja. There's also the super creepy looking and very cool background alien Eeusu Estornii. Just imagine an Eeusu Estornii action figure!!

One of the most prominent characters that hasn't yet been made based on his Revenge of the Sith appearance is Nute Gunray. We know Neimoidians aren't always the strongest sellers at retail, but Hasbro has got to find a way to bring an Episode III Nute to the line at some point. His partner in crime Rune Haako has also been absent from the line.

And last but not least, we need some more Wookiees! Hasbro has promised us a new generic Wookiee Warrior action figure, so hopefully that means some of the specific furry giants from Episode III are on their way, too, such as General Merumeru who led the charge on the beach. 

Did we miss anything? It is a 2 hour movie with tons of background characters. If you noticed any glaring absences, please send us an email and let us know! We want this to be the most comprehensive list available for collectors (and Hasbro)!

Report by David Delgado.

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