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"Who's Left?" 2012 - Attack of the Clones

Our special report "Who's Left? 2012" continues this week with Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The second installment in the Prequel Trilogy, it was released back in 2002. Ten years later, we're amazed by how many characters remain to be made into action figures! We found over eighty candidates for future release, including dozens of freaky looking nightclub patrons, seven Jedi from the Geonosis arena battle, and seven versions of Senator Amidala in various outfits from her extensive wardrobe. Here's our list of "Who's Left" from Attack of the Clones. Click on the links to go to each character's Wookieepedia article and learn a little more about them. Some of them are pretty obscure! By the way, the list is unchanged since last year's report.

Theomet Danle
Bogg Tyrell
Nyrat Agira
Lunae Minx
Kell Borean
Lillea Bringbit
Onyeth Canavar
Immi Danoo
Oakie Dokes
Kalyn Farnmir
Hayde Gofai
Ror Ithh
Tas Kee
Hat Lo
Nar Hida
Sel Maa
Di Mantid
Lela Mayn
Yma Nalle
Yee Moh
Seib Nod
Kar Plaushe
Artuo Pratuhr
Dyemma Reel
Palee Ruda
Whimper Save
Cian Shee
Rosha Vess
Nic Whoma
Daro Willits
Ganwick Trag
Jynne Celwik
Reina March
Slyther Bushforb
Lowle Ch’red
Hermione Bagwa
Mari Amithest
J.K. Burtola
Jocasta Nu
Ko Sai
Queen Jamillia
Aleena baby
Cliegg Lars
Shmi Skywalker Lars
Denaria Kee
Rogwa Wodrata
Gilramos Libkath/Rune Haako (?)
Ister Paddie
Lexi Dio
Ronet Coorr
Gume Saam
Onaconda Farr
Mas Amedda
Sarrissa Jeng
Sar Labooda
Khaat Qiyn
Bairdon Jace
Tan Yuster
Sephjet Josall
Que-Mars Redath-Gom
Maxiron Agolerga
Padme Amidala – Landing Platform (actually Corde)
Padme Amidala – Chancellor Palpatine’s Office
Padme Amidala - Packing
Padme Amidala - Picnic
Padme Amidala – Lake Retreat
Padme Amidala - Nightgown
Padme Amidala – Lars’ Homestead Garage

The most glaring absences from the line are characters with dialogue, such as Jocasta Nu, Dorme, and Queen Jamillia, all of whom have appeared in official fans' choice polls in the past. Jocasta Nu placed second in the 2009 poll, and is a leading contender in the 2011 poll (the results will be announced at New York Toy Fair this year). Cliegg Lars is also another character with lots of screen time that everyone would really like to see made to accompany the Owen Lars and Beru Whitesun figures released in The Legacy Collection back in 2009. His hoverchair probably wouldn't fit on a Vintage Collection card, so maybe he could be included in some kind of multipack? Only time will tell.

There are also dozens of character selections remaining from the Outlander nightclub scene, such as Nyrat Agira, Tas Kee, and Lunae Minx. The nightclub isn't a fan-favorite scene and certainly doesn't have the wealth of awesome looking aliens that can be found in similar Original Trilogy scenes such as the Mos Eisley Cantina and Jabba's Palace; but there are still some cool selections that would make interesting action figures to accompany previously released Outlander figures such as Achk-Med Beq, Dannl Faytonni, Ayy Vida, and Elan Sleazebaggano.  

Four Separatist leaders remain to be made into action figures: Rogwa Wodrata, Tikkes, Denaria Kee, and the Gilramos Libkath/Rune Haako character. Tikkes seems to be the most popular of the four and it's a reasonable guess that he will be the next one we see in the line. Unfortunately, characters like these never sell too well, so it's unclear if we'll ever see all of them.

A few cool looking Jedi such as Sarissa Jeng and Que-Mars Redath-Gom still haven't seen plastic, but one Arena Jedi that would be really nice to see in the line is Sephjet Josall, since he was one of the Jedi along with Nicanas Tassu (who was released in a Geonosis Arena two-pack in 2010) who tossed lightsabers to Anakin and Obi-Wan during the battle.

Also worth noting are a few really cool droids such as Dooku's pilot droid FA-4, the RIC-920 rickshaw droid from Mos Espa, and the cooking droid COO-2180, all of which would make awesome action figures. FA-4 has also appeared in The Clone Wars, so could even fit into the animated line.

Just to clear up a question we received a couple times after last year's report, Palpatine's Chagrian advisor Mas Amedda is still included in our list because he wears a unique outfit in Episode II. So even though we have two Mas Amedda figures already, those figures are from Episode I and Episode III, so we still need an Episode II Mas Amedda figure.

And last but not least, there are also still seven unique version of Padme Amidala from Episode II that have yet to be released. The Chancellor's Office, Naboo Picnic, and Naboo Lake Retreat outfits seem to be the three most popular and regularly appear on unofficial wish lists.

Did we miss anything? It is a 2 hour movie with tons of background characters. If you noticed any glaring absences, please send us an email and let us know! We want this to be the most comprehensive list available for collectors (and Hasbro)!

Report by David Delgado.

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