Saturday, August 27, 2011

Echo Base News Reviews - CW47 Firefighter Droid

So....our schedule has been a little messed up. Why you ask? Blame Hurricane Irene! Looking for a review? We're gonna go a little out of order and give you this interesting resculpt instead of Vintage today. Is this pretty hard to find Firefighter Droid worth tracking down? Read on!

TCW47: Firefighter Droid
Articulation: ball joint head, hips; swivel wrists, elbows, waist
Accessories: firefighter backpack, hose

Hasbro likes to do odd things in their line - see different sculpts for both Obi-Wan and Anakin in their Orto Plutonia gear. What could have been a simple repaint turns out to have new arms and a head! Interesting... 

The arms have swivels now to hold his hose better. (The hose is comparable to the Z6 Rotary, a handle on the top and a trigger slot for his hands.) Why these updates haven't been given to the regular infantry droid, we may never know. Hasbro! Get on that! The head sculpt is new, too: the headsculpt looks more like a real firefighter's helmet. Kinda cool.

The backpack is too heavy to let the droid stand, not like they could actually stand on their own well anyway. The paint is where the figure stands out even more. It was given a yellow and black paint job to look more and more like real world fire engines. While it seems a little odd, it's kind of a cool little real world nod. We don't get much of that, which can be good or bad depending upon how much you want those two to stay separate.

Bottom line: not worth all of the cash unless you like a novelty figure. I'd almost rate this as a white, silver, red, blue Vader or a silver R2. It's fun if you're into it.

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