Saturday, August 27, 2011

Echo Base News interviews Lily Nyamwasa

Today, I had the chance to interview Lily Nyamwasa, known better as Jedi Stass Allie!

Echo Base News: How were you cast for your original role in Attack of the Clones?
Lily Nyamwasa:
My modeling agency at the time called me and told me to goto Fox studio. They were looking for a replacement for Gin Clarke. All I had to do was to try on the head piece of Jedi Adi Gallia. I supposed they were looking for someone who physically looked like Gin Clarke.

EBN: You have an interesting story about being cast and having your character changed. Can you explain a little bit of what happened there?
As I mentioned I originally was cast to replace Gin Clarke who plays Jedi Master Adi Gallia. George Lucas realised that we looked so different and he decided to create a new character Stass Allie and made me Adi Gallia's cousin.

EBN: Was Star Wars a big part of your life before the movies?LN: As you know I am originally from Rwanda and I have never heard of Star Wars until I came to Australia. Science fiction movies were not big hit back then in my country.

EBN: Can you describe how filming the Arena scene was?
LN: Very emotional seeing so many Jedi dead. I felt emotional. I don't know about the other actors.

EBN: What sort of training did you go through in the scene? Did they give you choreography for your actions?
Yes. We had a day of martial art training and we were taught of how to move, hold and use the light saber.

EBN: What happened in the filming of Episode III that made them replace you for another actress?
I wish I knew. I was in Sydney on the set once and I waited for another call and it never came back. I guess they didn't want to fly me over to UK.

EBN: How does it feel knowing that there are Stass Allie figures out there? Do you buy your own collectibles?
LN: Pretty special. No I don't buy my own action figure. I have one given to me and now my son owns it.

EBN: Have you had much interaction with the fans?
LN: Yes I have in the past and I am connected with a few on Facebook.

EBN: Are you looking to go out on the convention scene at all?
LN: Maybe when my boys are a bit older. My life seems to be hectic at the moment.

EBN: Have people recognized you when you are out and about?
LN: Not that much. I think only once or twice.

EBN: Has there been a large impact on your life since filming?
LN: Not majorly.

Interview conducted by Chris Wermeskerch

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