Thursday, August 25, 2011

Echo Base News Reviews - VC21: Gamorrean Guard

Today we examine one of the rarities of The Vintage Collection. Read on to find out if the Gamorrean Guard is worth the premium price it commands on the secondary market!

VC21: Gamorrean Guard
Accessories: two axes, pike, helmet
Articulation: ball joint shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles; swivel neck, wrists, waist, hips

The Vintage Collection Gamorrean Guard is a long-overdue re-sculpt of the villainous pig alien from Return of the Jedi. Not only does this brand-new figure feature the super articulation that has become a standard in the Star Wars line, it also has an immaculate sculpt capturing many of the fantastic details of the character from the film. The paint job isn't anything overly exciting, but it adequately represents the character as seen on-screen. The mouth is even glossier than the rest of the head to represent Gamorrean slobber. The inclusion of three weapons allows for the option of weapons swapping for army builders or even re-arming some of Jabba's other henchmen.

While this figure is very close to perfect, I have to point out a few flaws. First, the helmet doesn't stay on. It is very annoying. I would recommend a dab of super glue (or hot glue, if you're worried about resale value) if your gamorrean will be used for anything other than static display. Second, the soft goods skirt is a little too bushy and it might also be misplaced on the figure. While it personally doesn't bother me, it has been a subject of debate in the Hasbro collecting community. You might be apathetic like me, or you may want to take some scissors to the figure and trim the skirt. The final flaw with this figure is its rarity. Unfortunately when a figure is as elusive as the Gamorrean Guard, you typically have to pay more or work harder to get it. 2010's Return of the Jedi wave was arguably one of the hardest to find assortments in the Vintage collection. The assortment's rarity, combined with the Gamorrean Guard's status as an army builder, cause the Gamorrean to go for $20-$25 on eBay. If you can find a good deal on this figure (less than $15) I highly recommend picking it up!

Review by Greg Bridgeman

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