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Special Report - Twenty Clone Wars Figures We NEED (Part 2)

The Clone Wars line in crisis! As Hasbro cuts back on this fan-favorite action figure line, the reporters here at Echo Base News present the case for why we need to see more from The Clone Wars, and most importantly, which characters fans want to see included in the line next! David, Chris, and Ruari, joined by guest contributor "darth_sidious" have compiled a list of twenty must-have characters. Yesterday we kicked off this two-part report and revealed ten of our choices. Read on to find out who we placed at #1!

Today we wrap up our two-part special report entitled "Twenty Clone Wars Figures We NEED." We want Hasbro to know that there are a lot of characters that have appeared in the TV series that really need to be included in the action figure line. Yesterday we talked about ten of these characters and today we're finishing up our list and revealing the #1 character we decided on that still needs to be made into an action figure for The Clone Wars line. Enjoy!

"We can’t have Waxer and Boil without little Numa, the sweet Twi’lek girl who guided the two bickering clone troopers through the perilous streets of Ryloth. The Season 1 episode “Innocents of Ryloth” was one of the most touching episodes of The Clone Wars because of the way these two battle-hardened clones connected with this girl on an emotional level. She’s since become a fan-favorite character and even received the high-end 1:6 scale figure treatment from Sideshow Collectibles. In the Hasbro toy line, she might fit best in a Ryloth-themed Battle Pack, since she’s probably too small for most collectors to accept her as an individual basic figure release." (David Delgado)

"We recently received Kit Fisto’s Jedi Starfighter from “Lair of Grievous” as a Walmart exclusive in 2011. Now where’s the astromech droid to fit in that empty socket? It’ll literally bother me forever if Hasbro never gets around to releasing Kit Fisto’s faithful astromech droid, who actually kind of saved the day at the end of the episode! Kit Fisto needs a droid companion that’s every bit as awesome as he is, and that’s R6-H5. Please, Hasbro? It’s a simple astromech droid repaint!" (David Delgado)

Captain Tarkin
"As I’m sure any fan who has a Facebook account is aware, Stephen Stanton is one of the most awesome people in the Star Wars community. He’s embraced the fans in an unprecedented way, and is clearly a huge fan himself. He’s also voiced Mas Amedda and a few other minor characters in the show. When it came time for Tarkin to make an appearance in Season 3 of The Clone Wars for the Citadel story arc, there was no better choice to voice the character. We all know Tarkin as one of the most ruthless (and badass) villains in Star Wars, so it was very interesting to see him fighting on the “good guy” side alongside Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars. He might be a good guy during this time period, but in his appearance in The Clone Wars we can already see that he represents the impending transition from Galactic Republic to Galactic Empire. Stephen Stanton and The Clone Wars team had a difficult task of expanding upon a fan-favorite Original Trilogy character that some feared might be better left untouched; but they pulled everything off perfectly and made the future Grand Moff an even more engaging character than he already was 35 years ago. Let’s see an action figure of the Captain please, Hasbro! I can’t imagine him not being a successful release. Plus, all it would involve is a new head on the Admiral Yularen body and maybe some upgraded leg articulation." (David Delgado)


"Another popular bounty hunter joins the Original Trilogy hunters that have appeared on this show. Others like Bossk and Boba Fett have already been released as figures, and the bounty hunter figures have generally sold well. Therefore, we have two reasons a Dengar figure would sell well if Hasbro released it. It is unlikely Hasbro will release him now; a few years ago Dengar might have had a chance, but we can always hope..." (Ruari Williamson)

King Katuunko
"King Katuunko was one of the first exciting new characters that The Clone Wars television series introduced to the Star Wars galaxy. He first appeared in the series premiere entitled “Ambush,” which to this day is still one of my favorite episodes. (It’s Tom Kane’s favorite, too!) The Toydarian monarch’s interaction with Yoda, Dooku, and Ventress provided some fun insight into the ongoing battle for neutral worlds in the war, which we would see more of throughout the series. And it sucked when he was brutally murdered by Savage Opress in Season 3! However, it was an important moment which demonstrated what a terrifying enemy Savage was. I also enjoyed Katuunko’s appearance in the early Season 3 episode “Supply Lines,” in which he alone is left to decide the fate of the Republic forces on Ryloth as Bail Organa and Lott Dod plead their cases before him. Basically, King Katuunko rocks, and he is one of the most deserving candidates for future release in The Clone Wars line. So get on it, Hasbro! Pack in his sword(s) and we’ve got ourselves an action-oriented, battle-ready figure! Maybe we could get a generic Toydarian Soldier, too." (David Delgado)

Tera Sinube
"Tera Sinube is a boss. Why? Because in “Lightsaber Lost” Filoni and crew introduced a brand new Jedi unlike any character we’ve met before. And he’s so cool! The way he interacted with a certain whiney Togruta Padawan during the search for his missing lightsaber was a lot of fun. And one of my very favorite moments in Season 2 was when this slow moving elderly Jedi pulled a very unique lightsaber out of the cane he had been walking with throughout the episode and saved the day. It was priceless! It’s a shame we haven’t seen more of Master Sinube in the series, and I hope he’ll show up again eventually. He’s certainly one of the most engaging brand new characters we’ve met in the series, and I want to learn more about him and his ultimate fate. Hasbro, please don’t tell us he’s too boring. He’s (almost) as cool as Yoda with his silly old guy mannerisms coupled with surprising warrior skills, and I think collectors and kids alike would definitely embrace a Tera Sinube action figure release." (David Delgado)

"This Jedi Master is a Jedi like no other. While he appeared in only one episode, he has a strong following among fans. His unique design and introduction in the cartoon was a first in the Star Wars universe. My 5 year old nephew still talks about the 'dinosaur Jedi' and wonders if he'll appear in the series again and if he'll ever be made into an action figure. If this character was ever made, I have no doubt that it would inspire kids and collectors to run to the pegs." (darth_sidious)

Umbaran Soldier
"After a pretty slow start to Season 4, the freaking Umbara story arc came along and changed everything! It took the show to a whole new level, with a mindblowingly fantastic story and incredible action sequences. And for what I believe is the first time in the series, we saw clone troopers fighting only organic enemies in the form of the Separatist-aligned Umbaran soldiers. That’s pretty dark right there, and is further evidence that this is way, way more than a kiddy show. It has its less than stellar moments (Jedi Crash, Children of the Force, Corruption, Water War, Shadow Warrior, Crisis on Naboo) but the vast majority of the time it’s pure Star Wars excellence and an astoundingly well-told war story. The Umbara story arc is probably The Clone Wars’ best war story, so now we just need the enemy combatants to be released as action figures! The Umbaran Soldier is an essential army builder figure and I’ll be extremely disappointed if Hasbro never gets around it. It’s right next to Sugi at the very top of my The Clone Wars wish list. Please Hasbro! I promise to buy like eight." (David Delgado)

"In what is considered the best arc of the series, we got awesome troops in the Umbaran Warriors. These would make for really interesting figures, especially as they would be troop-builders that aren't clones. They weren't explored in the arc unfortunately, but they were a pretty decent enemy for the clones, better than the droids." (Ruari Williamson)

"Sugi needs an action figure! Now! Please! She’s at the very top of my wish list for The Clone Wars, because Embo and Seripas need their fearless leader, and because she’s from a tremendously cool episode. Please, Hasbro, with a cherry on top." (David Delgado)

"Bounty hunters sell. I can’t think of too many that have sat too much because people didn’t want them. (I would say that Cato Parasitti sat for a little while, but that was more because that case was shipped so heavily every store in my area had at least the entire case on hand at any time for months straight.) Not to mention that we have Seripas and Embo, so we’re about halfway through her crew. A female Zabrak, if she had super articulation, I can see a bunch of customizers picking her up and using her as custom bases for other female characters. Why not? She also appeared with the Wookiees to save Ahsoka and Chewbacca from Trandoshan hunters." (Chris Wermeskerch)

"This bounty hunter was actually likeable in the episodes she appeared in.  Not only did she help rescue a village of innocent farmers, but she brought the Wookies to help free Ahsoka and Chewbacca from the Trandoshan slavers.  She must have earned a spot in collectors hearts, because the interest in her remains high." (darth_sidious)

Adi Gallia
"A lot of fan-favorite secondary Jedi characters made their first appearances in The Clone Wars throughout Season 2. The difference between Adi Gallia and pretty much all of them though is that all of them have action figures! It’s crazy that we haven’t received an animated Adi Gallia action figure yet since she’s had an active role in several episodes since her debut in “Grievous Intrigue,” and it’s really strange because all of the other Jedi we’ve seen in similar roles (eg Eeth Koth, Shaak Ti, Saesee Tiin, Even Piell, etc.) have been made. We need an animated Adi Gallia now please, Hasbro! If you’re worried she’ll underperform at retail because she’s a female, just release her at the same levels as Barriss Offee and Shaak Ti, both of which seemed to sell through just fine. Adi Gallia is near the very top of my personal wish list for The Clone Wars." (David Delgado)

"Jedi, for the most part, sell. I think it’s time we get another female Jedi. Aayla Secura sold in such great numbers that Hasbro had to repack her. Pack her a few less to the case and we’ve got a solid Jedi seller and another female in the line." (Chris Wermeskerch)

"When it comes to Jedi, Adi Gallia has held her own in 10 episodes across several seasons of the show, but was denied a figure. This decision by Hasbro left many fans wondering why and clamoring to see her released. She is the only member of the Jedi Council to appear in the series but not be made as a figure. With so many great Jedi figures already made, Adi Gallia is very deserving of having her place in the line as well." (darth_sidious)

Chancellor Palpatine
"Come on! How can we possibly not have an animated Chancellor Palpatine figure yet? We already received a super cool Darth Sidious figure back in 2010 (well, the two people who found it at retail, anyway), so now we need his alter ego to lead the Republic and secretly manipulate events! Sure it’s kind of a dull character selection, but who cares? The outcry for more figures from The Clone Wars after Toy Fair’s lackluster presentation proves that collectors are passionate about this line, too. Let’s see some collector-oriented figures, like Palpy! And just think about what a wonderful tribute it would be to the late voice actor Ian Abercrombie who always did such a fantastic job bringing the Chancellor to life in the show." (David Delgado)

"This character should not even appear on this list. There is no reason that we shouldn’t have Palpatine. Not only is he a movie player, but he is the main reason behind the Clone Wars! He has appeared in many, many, many episodes and it would be a great memory of his voice actor who has recently passed. Senators may not sell, but I can’t imagine that Palpatine would struggle to get off the store shelves and wind up in many collectors’ collections." (Chris Wermeskerch)

"The very character for which the Clone Wars exist.  The leader of the Republic (and Dark Lord of the Sith) has been in countless episodes, dating back to the Clone Wars movie, yet a figure of him isn't in the works.  While he has a loyal following among collectors, the chances of him remain slim as the line gets scaled back more each year.  We have realistic versions of him, but many fans would like a figure in animated form to have the stylized look that we love about the show." (darth_sidious)

Thanks for checking out Part 2 of our special report! Be sure to let us know if you agree with our character choices by posting a comment below or commenting on Facebook. We hope that The Clone Wars line has a long and successful future ahead of it and that we'll see all of these characters released at some point!

Edited by David Delgado. Featuring Chris Wermeskerch and Ruari Williamson.

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