Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rebel Reviews - CW9: Chewbacca

Sometimes you gotta ask yourself: "Does it seem worth it, punk?" This is such a case: Is a mildly repainted Chewbacca worth another $9, considering no change to the sculpt? Well, read on and find out!

CW9: Chewbacca
Articulation: ball joint head, shoulders, elbows, waist, knees; swivel wrists, hips
Accessories: bowcaster, firing bowcaster, missile, Trandoshan rifle, Galactic Battle Gear (stand, die and game cards)

f you remember the recently released Chewbacca, you’ll probably remember his dark brown, almost black, colored fur on his face. And the dark splotches on his upper torso. I don’t know if anybody thought that was okay, but I guess Lucasfilm said go ahead, and they did. The new one is a bit dark, too, but it’s a much more appropriate color, thank the Maker. Do they look like different Wookiees? Not without imagination. So, I really can’t decide for you whether or not the color is better. I say it’s much better and I will go ahead and buy it, but I can’t decide for you. Standing next to another, you’ll have a tough time saying that they can be two separate Wookiees. Which is sad, because I’d love more Wookiee figure.I
I feel like, whether you’re Luke Skywalker, cartoon Chewbacca, Pote Snikin, Outlander Club purveyor, and you have an action figure, you should be able to stand in a neutral pose. My Chewbacca just won’t, and that makes me sad. There has to be a bend at the knees or the waist joints for mine. Ankles would have helped TREMENDOUSLY, but they’re not there. At the end of the Shadows of the Dark Side line, Hasbro decided to cut ankles across the board. It makes me sad to say that we have Season 3.5 Ahsoka, Anakin and Obi-Wan, Savage Opress and Chewbacca without ankles, with high doubts that we’ll get a new Savage and Chewie in the near future. Does this really, completely ruin the figure? No, it’s a minor quibble. But as a reviewer, it’s my job to make a mountain out of a mole hill. So I am. His articulation, for the most part, matches the Vintage figure, but he only has one chest joint instead of the two. He is also, obviously, missing ankles.
The rest of the sculpt is tres manifique: it screams animated, but it’s almost as good at the Vintage sculpt. (I said it, let the stoning begin.) His face is great, so Chewbacca. I just really cannot complain about the sculpt for any reason. That’s a great thing, and it makes me happy yet again.
The new release retains all of his original weapons: a bowcaster, an action feature bowcaster and a Trandoshan rifle. The bowcaster is nothing special: it looks good and he can hold it. The firing bowcaster is a pain: a giant ugly green missile plugs into the over sized blaster and you can send it firing a little bit. Exciting times, but kids may like it well enough. Since my last review, though, I’ve changed how I feel about the Trando rifle. It’s just short. It’s somewhere between a real rifle and a blaster; it looks odd in Chewbacca’s hand and it looks awkward for a Clone Trooper to dual wield it. Anyway, I shouldn’t complain. It’s a fun, different and unexpected side accessory. Pretty cool and I don’t see a point in complaining. The bandolier keeps the same fun of not floating around the bottom. It’s frustrating. Is this figure perfect? Minor nitpicks but all collectors would love him.

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