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"Who's Left?" 2012 - The Phantom Menace (Special Guest Commentary)

Here’s the latest installment in our ongoing special report Who’s Left? 2012 where we’re taking a look at all of the characters that Hasbro hasn’t gotten to yet from the six movies. Two weeks ago, we compiled our list of over fifty unmade characters from The Phantom Menace. Now it’s time to take a look at some of the characters from that list that we’d like to see plastic first! Last year I was joined by Paul Harrison from  Jedi Temple Archives, Dan Curto from Rebelscum, Jim Cole from Droids & Ewoks, Jayson Krebsbach from Yakface, and Pat Newell from Imperial Shipyards in the following special report, which has been revised for 2012 by removing characters that have since been released as figures. Read on for our insight on some of the best unmade character selections!

Ann & Tann Gella
“These two have been my most wanted from The Phantom Menace for years! Sebulba needs his blue Twi’lek masseuses to help him prepare for that fateful Boonta Eve Podrace, and we can never get enough scantily clad Twi’lek women in the line.” (David Delgado, Echo Base News)

“Whether it's been Oola, Aayla, or a random "hot chick" walking around the Coruscant background, Twi'leks have always been popular background characters. The Gella twins are no exception. Only seen briefly pampering Sebulba before the Boonta Eve podrace, these female aliens wouldn’t exactly fly off the shelves, but since you would need to buy two of them to have a full set, they wouldn't exactly pegwarm, either.” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

“Scantily-clad Twi'leks? Need I say more? In case I do, these two have been long requested by fans and with the recent advancements in female body sculpting as evidenced by the 2009 TLC Princess Leia (Jabba's Prisoner), the 2010 SOTDS Walmart Exclusive Oola pack-in figure and various Clone Wars figures, I think these figures now have more potential than ever.” (Jayson Krebsbach, Yakface)


Antidar Williams & Maoi Madakor
“While these characters are not important to the overall saga of Star Wars, they do have a VERY important element to them. They are the first characters seen in the opening sequence of Episode I...which means they are the very first characters seen onscreen in the Star Wars movies! If it were even possible to include them as pack-ins with a Radiant VII starship, that would be all the better.” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

Bith Podrace Musician
“The main reason I'm choosing one of these guys is because the very first time I saw Episode I in theatres I thought it was pretty cool to see characters that reminded me so much of one of my favorite scenes from the original Star Wars movie. If Hasbro plans to make any more pod racers to go along with the toy line for Episode I in 3D, it would be nice to have some interesting characters to watch the race! This is also the kind of figure that collectors may buy multiples of, so he may not be as big of a risk as many other obscure characters.” (Jim Cole, Droids & Ewoks)


EG-9 & PK-4
“PK Droids can be seen walking around on the Trade Federation control ship as well as picking up pieces of debris on the battlefield after the Gungans surrender. Also, one specific PK Droid called PK-4 was part of a deleted scene in which he talked with his counterpart EG-9 after the Jedi ambassadors arrived. They’d be fun to buy multiples of. And the best part is, the SP-4 analysis droid shares the same body, so most of it’s been sculpted already and the only new part that would be required is a new headsculpt.” (David Delgado, Echo Base News)

“Variety is the spice of life, and there simply aren't enough varieties of droids out there. Personally, I like new and different, and that's exactly what [EG-9] is. PK-4 would be an excellent pack in, making this a 2-pack, as both are pretty small in size and both were cut from the final movie production. There are plenty of droid collectors out there who would be very interested in these two.” (Pat Newell, Imperial Shipyards)

“For the hardcore fans only...E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was one of my favorite movies as a kid. While there would surely be a number of legal hoops to jump through to make it happen, all you'd need to do is create one sculpt, and make a multipack of 3 of these little guys with a senate pod! An instant classic!” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

“Who doesn't want to see an E.T. action figure in a better quality 3 3/4" scale? From the moment they were seen in the movie, fans laughed at Steven Spielberg's addition to the movie, and he's just too funny not to have. Plus, a new alien species would be awesome to have.” (Pat Newell, Imperial Shipyards)


Kitster & Wald
“Anakin's childhood friends from Tatooine have a small but loyal...and vocal...following. No Mos Espa scene would be complete without these two. Although there are many other characters that are more popular than these guys, they have been in Hasbro's "parking lot" for over 5 years now. Sooner or later, they are bound to be released. Hasbro has also said that they are destined to be released as a 2-pack, which would be a great set.” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

“Why do some key figures never get made by Hasbro when they have been made in other lines? Galactic Heroes, 12” figures, Unleashed Battle Packs and LEGO all give us collectible versions of many characters that Hasbro ignores time and again. R5-X2 has been made as a Japanese Remote Control figure exclusive (which eventually was rereleased and became a TARGET exclusive) and I desperately want to see him in the basic figure line (or some other way). What Hasbro needs to do first however is design an R5 unit’s dome as they appear in Episode I and Episode II. They are a different shape than what we see on R5-D4 and I really don’t want and Original Trilogy version of a Prequel Trilogy R5 unit. (Phew!)” (Paul Harrison, Jedi Temple Archives)

“I'm a complete sucker for astromechs and since Hasbro has already primed the pump by giving us R5-X2 in remote controlled form as a 2008 Target Exclusive, it seems like a no-brainer for us to get one in the basic figure line as well. If I remember correctly, this is the only R/C astromech that doesn't have a basic figure counterpart. Get on it Hasbro!” (Jayson Krebsbach, Yakface)

“Hey, it's Warwick Davis! Not only is he the actor who played Wicket in Return of the Jedi, he also played a character who sat in Watto's box at the pod race but was not included as one of the figures in Hasbro's "Watto's Box" cinema scene set. It would be a nice move by Hasbro to make a figure of a man who has been a star in other movies (Willow, Harry Potter, Ewoks movies) but for Star Wars spent most of his time hidden in bulky costumes. Weazel is that chance.” (Jim Cole, Droids & Ewoks)

“Warwick Davis is as ingrained in the Star Wars Universe as any other actor out there, though many probably do not realize it. It's only fitting that he get an actual action figure with his own visage prominently portrayed.” (Pat Newell, Imperial Shipyards)

Bravo 3 – Arven Wendik
“Ric Olié is the only Naboo pilot that has ever been made in action figure form, and that figure is horribly outdated. But since we are looking for all new figures here, how about one of the other heroic pilots from Bravo Squadron? I think my favorite from the squadron would have to be Arven Wendik, but really, I would be glad to have any of them.” (Jim Cole, Droids & Ewoks)

We’d like to thank our contributors for their insight! Any of the choices listed above would certainly be welcome additions to the line. We hope you’ve enjoyed this very special report, and come back next tomorrow when we’ll be taking a look at Attack of the Clones!

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Report by David Delgado.

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