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"Who's Left?" 2012 - Attack of the Clones (Special Guest Commentary)

Here’s the latest installment in our ongoing special report Who’s Left? 2012 where we’re taking a look at all of the characters that Hasbro hasn’t gotten to yet from the six movies. Earlier this week, we revisited the list we've compiled of over eighty-five unmade characters from Attack of the Clones! Now it’s time to take a look at some of the characters from that list that we’d like to see plastic first. Last year I was joined by Paul Harrison from Jedi Temple Archives, Dan Curto from Rebelscum, Jim Cole from Droids & Ewoks, Jayson Krebsbach from Yakface, and Pat Newell from Imperial Shipyards in this very special report. A year later and with no changes made to our original 2011 list, let's revisit their Episode II commentary. Enjoy!

Cliegg Lars
“Here's a character that wouldn't be a best-seller or anything, although he did have an important role in the saga. It was his voice that was in the trailer telling the tale of Shmi's kidnapping. One possibility would be to include a removable alternate "real leg" and "damaged leg" with hoverchair. The Lars homestead isn't complete without him!” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

“Cliegg Lars is another overdue action figure. If Hasbro decides to make him, he must absolutely come with his hover chair. I love his story of marrying Shmi Skywalker and his desperate attempts to rescue her including his wound of the flesh and it only makes sense that we need him to flesh out the Lars’ Homestead play-set with Beru and Owen. He may not be a candidate for the basic figure line if they decide to do the chair, but no matter how they do it, he should just be made already. It goes without saying that his presence in the line is just as important as many other characters. After all, he’s Darth Vader’s step-father. That should be reason enough, right?” (Paul Harrison, Jedi Temple Archives)

“Probably one of the most important characters from Episode II yet to be made. Shmi's husband, Owen's father, Anakin's step-father and the pioneer of the Lars moisture farm...this guy has no shortage of important connections in the Star Wars saga. It would also be nice for Hasbro to acknowledge a physically handicapped character who uses the Star Wars version of a wheelchair.” (Jim Cole, Droids & Ewoks)

“I really would like to see more of Padme’s handmaidens get made in the basic figure line. Dorme, one of the very few that had speaking lines is way overdue in my own estimation. Equally (or almost as) beautiful as Padme and possessing unmatched empathy, it seems that she would be a likely candidate in Hasbro’s infamous “parking lot” of action figures. But with the rare instances of Padme figures in the line, perhaps this figure is too far down the list to consider. But I think she is a more than worthy choice for the basic figure line.” (Paul Harrison, Jedi Temple Archives)

“Another important character from AOTC who still needs an action figure. Easily the most prominent handmaiden of Episode II, Dormé appeared in several scenes and did have quite a few speaking parts. Dormé has several costume options that Hasbro could choose from, plus we have never had a chance to add an AOTC Naboo handmaiden to our collections.” (Jim Cole, Droids & Ewoks)

“Droids are cool, and the FA-4 droid would be a great addition to the line. It was the model of the droid seen piloting the starship Dooku fleed from Geonosis in at the end of Attack of the Clones. The droid made another appearance in The Clone Wars, in which it was captured and disassembled by Weequay pirates, and FA-4 droids were also seen working on Coruscaunt in Revenge of the Sith. It’s a unique design that definitely deserves a figure. No hangar is complete without it!” (David Delgado, Echo Base News)

Hermione Bagwa
“Dexter's Diner was a great scene where we got to see a little a little bit of the "normal" world of the Star Wars universe. Since we've already gotten Dexter Jettster the owner and WA-7 the waitress droid, why not finish off the staff?” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

“One of the things that failed the most to me was Episode II’s insistence on trying to create an effective hive of scum and villainy like both A New Hope and Return of the Jedi had through the Coruscant Outlander Nightclub. The whole scene just didn’t do it for me and I am not sure how I feel about Obi-Wan Kenobi drinking on the job. But I digress. I much preferred the Dexter’s Diner scene which included some sexy space vixens of it’s own like Hermione Bagwa. She has the girl next door look yet she is relatable to the hoi polloi because of her simple menial day job that’s wrapped around with a strong work ethic. I love her costume and since they made WA-7 already, it would be nice to get another waitress to accompany her.” (Paul Harrison, Jedi Temple Archives)

Jocasta Nu
“She performed very well in the most recent official Fans’ Choice poll, she was an important part of a scene in the movie, she’s appeared in several episodes of The Clone Wars, and yet she still hasn’t shown up in the line, and Hasbro seems to have no intentions to make the Jedi librarian into an action figure. And who can blame them? Old ladies just don’t do very well at retail. But if they include a lightsaber and perhaps that Dooku bust, and avoid shipping her excessively like they did with Yarna, she’d sell okay and make a great addition to our collections. (and we can FINALLY stop asking for her!)” (David Delgado, Echo Base News)

“Possibly the most fan-requested character from Episode II...for the sole reason that Hasbro has said they'll never make her. She probably wouldn't be the best-selling figure of all time or anything, but since she has appeared in The Clone Wars animated series, there's a lot more recognition that before. I say that Hasbro should make her just to give the fanboys something else to focus on!” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

“I work for Jedi Temple Archives, so need I say more? I don’t often get enraged with Hasbro, but if one thing makes me blow my top, it’s their indifferences to this amazing lady. Runner up in the last Fans’ Choice poll, Jocasta Nu should already be in development. And I even want to see her in The Clone Wars line. I honestly don’t think Hasbro will not make her, but the bigger question is when and I think we all need to voice our opinions louder to make it clear that we’ll support her at retail. Enough is enough, let’s see Jocasta Nu!” (Paul Harrison, Jedi Temple Archives)

“I'm sure we're all chiming in on this one, as she's been seriously lacking her own action figure for way too long. While the only action we ever see from her are her witty responses to Obi-Wan's questions, her robes are some of the most intricate and ornamental of any Jedi I've seen, so of course I'm very curious to see how it translates in 1:18 scale.” (Pat Newell, Imperial Shipyards)

“The Jedi librarian that Hasbro doesn't seem to keen on making any time soon if at all. That's really too bad since there are quite a few fans in her corner asking for a figure. Hopefully with enough fan support the folks at Hasbro will eventually change their minds!” (Jim Cole, Droids & Ewoks)

Kalyn Farnmir
“She just looks cool. As a fellow customizer, I see a lot of potential in her form and accessories, and we need more females in action figure form.” (Pat Newell, Imperial Shipyards)

Khaat Qiyn
“What can I say? I love Jedi! And since apparently my list is becoming a theme, I gotta keep it going! Hasbro, we need more female action figures! Customizers have so many uses for them, and yet we have to recycle the same ones over and over. However, she's an obscure character, yet has a pretty decent backstory.” (Pat Newell, Imperial Shipyards)

Ko Sai
“While we've already gotten a couple of Kaminoans already, this would basically be a generic alien. You could also pack her with a flying aiwha, since the uniform is generic.” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

Nyrat Agira
“She's not a very important character in the overall Star Wars saga. There's really no real reason to make her...except she's smoking HOT! We need more hot chicks in Star Wars that don't have lekku.” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

Onaconda Farr
“Thanks to Greedo, the Rodians are my favorite alien species in Star Wars. I even created a Rodian Jedi (Badoo Bok) long before there was that curiously-unnamed you know I'd be all over this one as well. It's always fun to see the original aliens in different roles, and the crowd scenes in the prequels and the TV show quite often use them as background fillers. But Farr was seen several times in the film, and he played a role in the TV show.” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)


Seboca & Rednax
“I love the aliens in Star Wars, and the Dugs were arguably the most interesting in The Phantom Menace. While Sebulba represented this species very well, there were a few others that were seen onscreen that would make for some cool figures!” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

Sephjet Josall
“They’ve made Nicanas Tassu, and now it would be great to be able to add the other lightsaber thrower to our collections. And we could always use some more generic looking Jedi!” (David Delgado, Echo Base News)

Padme Amidala - Chancellor's Office
Padme Amidala - Naboo Picnic
Padme Amidala - Lake Retreat

Padme Amidala’s various outfits
“I'm going for the Padme' Amidala trifecta for my Episode II selections. Over the years, Hasbro has done an amazing job translating Trisha Biggar's ornate costume work to the 3-3/4" scale - most recently with the Peasant Disguise outfit. Granted, these figures fly in the face as to what most would consider true "action figures", but this is a collector's line after all. I think the above are well deserving, signature looks for our heroine and would look absolutely gorgeous on the retro "Vintage" cardback not to mention on display, joining her other figure renditions.” (Jayson Krebsbach, Yakface)

Padme Amidala – Naboo Picnic
“It's actually very surprising that this one hasn't been made yet, since it was this dress that was seen in the teaser poster. The love story may not be the greatest in the film, but the relationship between Anakin & Padme is important. And it was during this scene where the two started their relationship.” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

Padme Amidala – Lake Retreat
“Another outfit we're likely to see at some point. Although not most exciting figure for a boys' toy line perhaps, this is another chance to represent the romance between Anakin & Padme.” (Dan Curto, Rebelscum)

We’d like to once again thank our contributors for their insight! Any of the choices listed above would certainly be welcome additions to the line. We hope you’ve enjoyed this very special report, and come back next weekend when we’ll be taking a look at Revenge of the Sith!

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