Friday, December 9, 2011

Echo Base News Reviews - CW60 Kit Fisto

When I went to find my car this morning, I was definitely reminded of why we're doing these snowy reviews.. brrrrrrrrr. How does this latest CW EU (latest, as in, second) offering stack up? Should you be interested?

TCW60: Kit Fisto
Accessories: lightsaber, goggles, snow boots
Articulation: ball joint shoulders, elbows, knees; swivel wrists, hips, hood

I'm a sucker for EU, even when its EU FOR EU. This Kit and the Plo we looked at for Wednesday come from a Clone Wars comic arc in which Plo, Kit and Ozzel go to a snow planet Khorm and wind up on the wrong side of Ventress and a weather machine. It was an interesting story, but Ozzel ended as a flatish character, but the costumes were cool! I'm still hoping for an Ahsnowka and Snow Gear Wolff to complete this subcollection.

Kit's long skirt blocks him from really being able to use his knees and his hips too well. I mean, its a bummer, but I can't imagine that you were doing too much with him anyway? But I digest. I dunno why, but he looks awkward when he holds his lightsaber in both hands. (That's not something I usually do with figures, but this time I noticed.) His head is sculpted with his hood. I mean, that's unsurprising and it seems like that is the best way to make it work, but its disappointing that he doesn't have too much range in his neck.

His accessories are cool, but they're somewhat anti-collector. His goggles fit on fine and they fit snuggly (or, at least, mine have never fallen off!), but his snow boots don't let him stand too well. They plug into the peg holes in his feet, but they don't have holes themselves. In the end, they usually make him fall flat on his face. Which is a shame because its cool that Hasbro is doing new things such as this! We don't want to stop them, but we would like to see if Hasbro can do anything creative in making them work a little bit better?

Go ahead and get him if you have any Snow Jedi or Rex. Or an AT-AT. Because I have the new BAT-AT and its displayed with my Trespass diorama, featuring all four snow Jedi, Rex, his clone, two Freeco speeders and Thi-Sen and the droids. And I think that's really cool.

Review by Chris Wermeskerch

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