Friday, December 9, 2011

Echo Base News interviews Toby Longworth

With the 3D release of The Phantom Menace just around the corner, we've conducted a brief interview with actor Toby Longworth about his contributions to the film. Read on and check it out!

Echo Base News: How did your acting career begin?
Toby Longworth: I started off in comedy. I was in a double act called The Rubber Bishops with Bill Bailey yeeeears ago...we started at the Edinburgh Festival, which is where I've just been, twenty something years ago...

EBN: Did you have any exposure to Star Wars before The Phantom Menace? Do you consider yourself a fan?
TL: Certainly I was a fan; my parents even got me a super eight reel for Christmas before it was released over here. I was the only one among my friends to have seen it. Although none of the plot was clear and it was silent, I got see the effects and was blown away!!!

EBN: How did you get the roles of Lott Dod and Gragra in The Phantom Menace?
TL: It took a while. My friend Peter Serafinowicz was seen and got a role before I was even auditioned...but then, with only weeks to go I got the call. (Editor's Note: Peter Serafinowicz provided the voice of Darth Maul.)

EBN: What is your impression of Lott Dod's character?
TL: Not having seen him develop, I was given the brief of a quite boring official, who didn't realize the underhanded plots of his fellow Nemoidians...

EBN: Did you know that Lott Dod made a bigger appearance in a Season 2 episode of The Clone Wars? Is it cool to see the character's story continue?
TL: Well, as I say, I didn't see The Clone Wars version and I'm disappointed not to be playing him, but glad he survived The Phantom Menace!

EBN: Were you approached at all to return for The Clone Wars and voice Lott Dod again?
TL: They never got in contact. I suspect the actors are being recruited from a different place by different people.

EBN: Having voiced Star Wars characters in the past, would you like the opportunity to lend your voice to a character in The Clone Wars?
TL: Certainly!

EBN: Are you looking forward to The Phantom Menace's return to the big screen in 3D next year?
TL: Can't wait! I love a good 3D story.

EBN: Do you think The Phantom Menace deserves more appreciation from the fans than it generally receives? 
TL: I've always liked it and was disappointed people didn't like it...especially Simon Pegg!

EBN: What other films or television can fans look (or listen) for you in?
TL: Four Lions, Extras, Phone Shop, and many others...

EBN: Are you currently working on any exciting projects?
TL: Stella with Ruth Jones.

EBN: What do you think makes Star Wars so great?
TL: It is timeless!!!

Listen for Toby Longworth when Lott Dod and Gragra reappear on the big screen during the 3D release of The Phantom Menace starting February 10, 2012!

Interview by David Delgado.

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