Friday, November 18, 2011

Echo Base News Reviews - TCW11 Heavy Assault Super Battle Droid

Not sure why this week turned into "Figures that Can't Stand Week", but I guess it sure did!

TCW11: Heavy Assault Super Battle Droid
Accessories: missles
Articulation: ball joint elbows, shoulders; swivel waist and hips

Like I said, this guy can't stand worth anything. And that's just bad. Mine fell off his stand this weekend, and that's worse. Need I go on with the review? Yes? Okay.

I'm really not sure how every figure this week has started to link up: just as Yularen can't stand, neither can the Battle Droid. As Mace Windu has an action feature, so does this guy. The only thing is that this action feature does disrupt the figure's function. It's arm is useless except to fire the missles. The figure has an alright range for a quick little missle launch.

It looks different and it would beef up your armies quite a bit...but he's honestly not that worth it unless you love the CIS.

Short review by Chris Wermeskerch

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