Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Echo Base News Reviews - CW33: Embo

When people tell me they don't collect Clone Wars figures, I think of Embo. And I cry. Why?

TCW33: Embo
Accessories: throwing knives, hat, bowcaster
Articulation: ball joint elbows, shoulders, head, knees, ankles; swivel wrists, waist and hips

It's not many figures that can fit so perfectly between two lines like Embo does. He's not overly animated, but he's not bulky (in Clone Wars standards) with a too dark wash. Embo features the super articulation we've come to love (and expect) on our bounty hunters. The way his hips are constructed make it somewhat hard to sit on the Pirate Bike I assume you bought just for this figure...but he doesn't actually look *too* bad. It's not his articulation that makes him such a great figure, though. His sculpting is phenominal. Lots of alieny little details in his skin, his chest wear has some amazing texture and Darth Vader/Cade Skywalker ribbing, his shoulder armor looks battle worn and his hat...dat hat! His head is alieny but so alive! Not many figures have nearly as much personality as he does, especially in four inches.

Embo also features some amazing accessories. Let's look at them in list form so they seem longer:
  • His hat can plug in perfectly to his head. It only fits when you put it on the correct way though. (Like, you have to make sure that the notches are facing out. His hands are somewhat sculpted so that he can hold it and then proceed to throw it.
  • His bowcaster's prongs were designed to fold it so that it looks more like a rifle than a bowcaster. It fits very well into his hands and they also plug into his back rather well, too. Not too many times when that happens.
  • His knives have finger sized holes on the back of them which you can put his finger through so that he can hold them out (like he's gonna stab) or hold them backwards in his hand (like he was gonna throw them.
Bottom line? Go and get this figure. I'd rate it higher but I'd get in trouble.

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