Thursday, September 29, 2011

Echo Base News Fans' Choice winners revealed!

The results are in for our Fans' Choice Poll to determine the top ten characters EBN forum members most want to see made into action figures. Here is the list that was submitted to Hasbro yesterday:

1 - Jocasta Nu
2 - Ackmena
3 - Princess Kneessaa
4 - Zayne Carrick
5 - Lee Phenets
6 - Brea (or) Senni Tonnika
7 - Thall Joben
8 - Jann Tosh
9 - Kazdan Paratus
10 - Noghri Warrior

Our list proves that interest in Expanded Universe character choices is alive and well among our forum members.

A couple characters on this list, specifically Ackmena and the Tonnikas, have been declared "off-limits" by Hasbro in the past. However, EBN forum members won't take no for an answer, and we are including them in our final results because this is a Fans' Choice Poll, and also the best opportunity for characters like these to receive further consideration from Hasbro and Lucasfilm. 

There were also three winners from the Droids and Ewoks cartoons of the 1980s. Droids and Ewoks characters seem to have appeared only in our results and the results of our friends at the Droids & Ewoks fan site. (Click here to check out their results.) But clearly some demand for these often forgotten characters exists. Hasbro has stated that Kneessaa is planned for the future but they haven't quite found a place in the line for her yet. We think people still voted for her anyway because we all know that Hasbro has talked about making figures in the past but unfortunately never gotten around to releasing them (see Vader with Funeral Pyre, Imperial Scanning Crew and Utai variants, and the last couple waves of the ill-fated Comic Packs line).

And lastly, it's important to note that second place didn't even come close to our poll winner, Jocasta Nu. She's also appeared in other fan sites' poll results, which suggests that once again there is demand for everyone's favorite Jedi librarian, who placed second overall in 2009's Fans' Choice Poll. Could Jocasta finally take the win this year?

We'd like to thank all of our forum members who submitted their nominees and we're glad to see such a unique list of winners. We hope to see them well represented in the final voting that's coming up in November, and we'll be sure to keep you updated on their progress in the upcoming stages of this very exciting Fans' Choice Poll!

We'd also like to thank Hasbro and Hunter PR for giving our readers a chance to make their voices heard!

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