Monday, August 22, 2011

Echo Base News Reviews - CW49: Riot Control Clone Trooper!

Eek...We're gonna have to stick this guy in the "Better Late Than Never" Category...Today, Echo Base News reviews the Riot Control Clone Trooper. Is this also pretty rare figure worth adding to your collection?

Based on the wildly popular super articulation clone mold we're all used to (hinged wrists, ball joint waist and ankles,) with a repainted Lock head, the Riot Gear Clone Trooper already institutes an instant buy for most collectors. I don't think I need to spend too long on the body sculpt?

The paint is nice: the Republic logo is well painted, but obvious problems exist when you turn the waist; the visor's black paint adds a great touch of variety and the paint is well applied. No complaints! Even the accessories are painted well: the baton's black stays where the black should and the shield has another great symbol on it with no smudging. Absolutely no complaints in the paint.

The cool shield has transparentish plastic (it's more like a tinted window) and it's made awkwardly. It has two hand wraps (think Marvel Legends Captain America shield,) but one is bigger than the other. What does that mean? It means that you can only put his hands through the bigger hole on the inside of the shield, so he can only carry it on one side of his body. The baton doesn't fit too well in his hand if you let the gun stretch it, so I'd immediately give him his baton. The shield has a cool little feature where the baton can plug into the back of the shield for safe keeping just in case a kid might want to play with it.

Bottom line? Buy it if you see him and you absolutely love clones. Otherwise, go ahead and pass. Hasbro hasn't given us a Satine for him to chase yet. :(

4.5/5 (cause Stone mold rocks!)

Review by Chris Wermeskerch.

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