Saturday, August 20, 2011

Echo Base News Reviews - CW52: Commander Colt

Today, Echo Base News reviews Commander Colt! Is this semi-repainted Clone Trooper worth the time, energy and money to track him down?
Commander Colt
Accessories: two blaster pistols, firing rocket launcher
Articulation: ball joint head, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles; swivel hips, wrists, waist

The basic carded Commander Colt is Hasbro's second attempt at the drill sergeant from Kamino. The first was based on concept art made before Colt's armor design was changed for his episode, so a basic white/red ARC Trooper became this skull faced hard-butt. (What? Kid's could read this, too!) The first was released in a somewhat hard to find Battle Pack with three other ARC Troopers, and this basic carded figure comes out just as somewhat hard to find.

The body is the same as the last figure, but this time he comes with added silver deco on his arms and shins, a skull design on his helmet and a different design on his pauldron. The new paint helps him pop AND set him apart from his previous incarnation, almost giving you two completely different figures. You almost couldn't tell that they were based on the same character! There isn't much new to say about it: you know how his body works, his accessories work and fit into his holster nicely, he bends where he needs to bend, he can't sit well because of his holster and he's should be the new base of what clone troopers should look like: fully SA with the correct forearm configuration.) Bottom line: Buy it the second you see it on store shelves. Otherwise, he's getting pretty rare. Expect to pay at least $20...

Review by Chris Wermeskerch.

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