Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rebel Reviews - Discover the Force 5/12: Gungan Warrior

It's not often, but Wal-Mart tends to get entire waves as exclusive releases. This week, we'll be taking a look at a few of the figures, and today we will look at the
Gungan Warrior. A newly-tooled variation of Jar-Jar's species, but is it worth it to get another Gungan? Read on to find out!

Discover the Force, 5/12: Gungan Warrior
Accessories: staff (2 pieces) & farseein.
Articulation: ball-socket head, ball-joint shoulders, elbows, waist, knees, ankles, swivel forearms & hips.

So, let's get the party on the latest Gungan figure started. The sculpt isn't an entirely new sculpt, and is officially considered a re-tool of the 2009 Gungan in the Legacy Collection. The weird thing is, the design of this figure matches a Gungan Scout, not the Warrior that the figure is titled by. A small detail, and not one I'm bothered about, but there may be someone out there interested to know that. The articulation is great on this figure. These Discover the Force figures are pretty much Vintage in a different packaging. This figure even includes ankles, which is always a bonus. The ankles/feet are quite big though, so you have to adjust this figure to get it to stand up just right. There is nothing lacking in the articulation truthfully. Unless you're really pick and must have hips as well as ankles.

This figure comes with three accessories, two different staff pieces that make a longer staff, called a "cesta". They work quite well together, and there is some nice details on both staff pieces. However, both pieces look quite odd when they're not connected. The other accessory, the farseein, is quite an odd accessory. Even after seeing a picture of it earlier today, I'm still not exactly sure what it's purpose is. Especially as Tunghori's listing isn't too helpful, showing it as in accessory that goes on the head, where the film picture shows it as a binocular-like thing. I'd have liked to see at least one Gungan energy ball included with those figure. Small accessory they would be, but still packing a punch as a kid-feature, and that is what Hasbro goes for these days.

This newly-tooled/re-tooled Gungan is definitely a figure I like, and I think it is the best of the first 12 figures in this line. I actually hadn't bought a generic Gungan before this figure came out, so I can't really say whether it's better over previous releases, just that this is a really good figure and I recommend it. Hopefully soon this release can be re-tooled into a Captain Tarpals figure, another Gungan I would like to add to my collection. My only complaints with this figure are that the head can kind of fall off easily, if you push it back a little bit, and the accessories. I would honestly have rathered a army of energy balls over what this figure does come with, but that's just my opinion.

Review by Ruari Williamson

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