Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rebel Reviews - Discover the Force 12/12: Yoda

It's not often, but Wal-Mart tends to get entire waves as exclusive releases. This week, we'll be taking a look at a few of the figures, and today we will look at Yoda. Is it possible that you don't own this mold? Should you rush out to go get it and his chair? Read on!

Discover the Force 12/12: Yoda
Accessories: Council Chair, lightsaber, cloak, Galactic Battle Gear (die, base, game card)
Articulation: ball joint head, shoulders, ankles; swivel wrists, hips

I am getting slightly less and less patient when it comes to repacks. Especially this year as they seem to be all over the pegs and I look at repack after repack after repack and less new Clone Wars. This Yoda figure began its life as the Revenge of the Sith III #03 Yoda with Firing Cannon! The sculpt was definitely okay then, but not anymore. Hasbro has graced us with an amazing Yoda in the Vintage Collection, but decided not to repack it in the Discover the Force Collection.

This Yoda has abysmal articulation. He has ball joint shoulders, ankles and head and swivel hips and wrists. The Vintage Yoda is super articulated. (If you haven’t noticed, you’ll be seeing many comparisons between the two tonight.) While the engineering on the Yoda was good in 2005, it’s not up to par to today’s standards. The Vintage Yoda should have been released or no Yoda should have been released.

“But, Chris! This Yoda comes with a Council Chair!” I hear you there. It’s better than the cannon that the Yoda has been coming with in the past few years, because that thing was silly and most collectors wouldn’t use it anyway. You know a but is coming. The Yoda cannot sit in the chair! Ugh! The Vintage Yoda could. The Vintage Yoda has a soft goods cloak and knees. What does this have? The ugliest plastic robe you’ve ever done seen and no legs. So, he could theoretically sit in the chair, but not with his outer robe on. And that’s just not cool.

But let’s look at one other option because I refuse to give figures less than two and a half stars if there is some redeeming quality. No one wants to read a negative review, right? The value is here if you want to get your kids a Star Wars figure. (D’aww.) For about a dollar less, your kid can get a Yoda figure and a council chair instead of a Yoda with small accessories and a somewhat empty bubble. If you don’t have a council chair, this Yoda won’t kill you. Donate it. You’ll feel better about yourself and have a chair. If Hasbro put this as “Council Chair with Yoda!” then I would rate this higher, honestly. But this figure gets a half score because it does have value for collectors and kids but the Yoda is absolutely terrible.

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