Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Who's Left?" 2012 - The Phantom Menace

We're kicking off our special report "Who's Left?" 2012 with Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Read on for our full list of characters from the first Prequel Trilogy film who are still yet to be made into action figures by Hasbro!

The first movie of the highly anticipated Prequel Trilogy, The Phantom Menace was released back in 1999 and will be returning to theaters in 3-D on February 10, 2012. 

Figures from The Phantom Menace seemed to appear a lot less often in the last few years, but there are definitely A LOT on their way in 2012 for the film's return to theaters, as seen in Hasbro's New York Comic Con presentation back in October. This has allowed us to cross off some of the 56 unmade characters we listed back in our 2011 report. 

After making these updates, here's our list of "Who's Left" from The Phantom Menace. Names of characters that have been or will be released since our 2011 report have been crossed off. 

Click on the links to go to each character's Wookieepedia article and learn a little more about them. Some of them are pretty obscure!

Maoi Madakor
Antidar Williams
Tey How
Daultay Dofine
PK Droid
Mik Regrap
Aldar Beedo
Ark "Bumpy" Roose
Ben Quadrinaros
Boles Roor
Ebe E. Endecott
Elan Mak
Neva Kee
Wan Sandage
Diva Funquita
Diva Shaliqua
Ann & Tann Gella
Niai Fieso
Ratts Tyrell's Family
Kitster Banai
Aehrrley Rue
Teyora Rekab
Rango Tel
Sei Taria
Aks Moe
Edcel Bar Gane
Tendau Bendon
Mot-Not Rab
Toonbuck Toora
Bail Antilles
Rayno Vaca
Yeb Yeb Adem'thorn
Bravo Two - Porro Dolphe
Bravo Three - Arven Wendik
Bravo Four - Riya Kirsch
Bravo Five - Ellberger
Gavyn Sykes
      Jerus Jannick

Daultay Dofine and Ben Quadinaros have been removed from the list since they have been released in The Phantom Menace wave of The Vintage Collection which is hitting stores now. (Click on the links to check out the Rebel Reviews we wrote about their figures.) Mawhonic is being released later in The Vintage Collection and in the Walmart exclusive Discover the Force line. Gavyn Sykes has been removed because the character bears enough of a resemblance to the generic Naboo Pilot being released in the Discover the Force line. R5-X2 is a character that could be removed from the list (from a certain point of view) since the droid was part of 2009's Target exclusive line of 1:18 scale R/C astromech droids released by Hasbro; however, we technically still haven't gotten R5-X2 in the basic figure line, so he remains on the list.

Did we miss anything? It is a 2 hour movie with tons of background characters. If you noticed any glaring absences, please send us an email and let us know! We want this to be one of the most comprehensive lists available for collectors (and Hasbro)!

Stay tuned as we'll be revisiting last year's special guest commentary from our friends and colleagues from several other fan sites on which "Who's Left?" characters from Episode I they most want to see immortalized in plastic!

Report by David Delgado

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