Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Answers are in for Hasbro Q&A!

The answers are here for the most recent round of Hasbro's Star Wars Q&A. Please note, this is the last session for 2011. Hopefully the wonderful program will continue in 2012, but I digress. Read on for the answers!

Q1. The recent "Umbara" arc on the Clone Wars series has provided many interesting characters and designs. Can we expect to see any 501st Clone Troopers, Umbarans or a General Krell figure based on this arc in the Clone Wars line?

A1) We do have plans for a tremendous General Krell figure in the Clone Wars line.

Q2. Some collectors are very excited about the retooled cockpit on the upcoming Trade Federation AAT vehicle. Are any pictures of that cockpit available?

A2) Not yet, but we will share when they are available.

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