Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Echo Base News Reviews - CW58: Even Piell

Welcome back to the Shadows of the Dark Side line! :)

TCW58: Even Piell
Accessories: climbing pack, lightsaber
Articulation: ball joint head, elbows, shoulders, knees; swivel hips, wrists, waist

First of all, welcome back to the Shadows of the Dark Side line! Hopefully we can finish this line off in the next three or four weeks? Wish us luck!

Even Piell. How to start? First of all, this is an awesome example of what Hasbro can do in this line nowadays. He has almost full articulation but doesn’t have ankles, an unfortunate side effect of Hasbro’s cutting back which has left a lot of figures without ankles these days. But seriously, remember when Yodas didn’t have any articulation? Even the first Yoda in the CW line..*shudder* His hips are a little restricted by his skirt, but his arms have full range. Can’t complain now, can I?

He’s short, though. Like, legitimately short. He’s shorter than an Astromech standing up straight. Not to say that Hasbro thought that super articulation and a lightsaber wasn’t enough, though. They included a climbing backpack which is almost as big as he is! A string is rung through the backpack with a “missile”-looking end and another end that has a handle for him to help him climb. It looks good with it, but looks good without. The pack has some straps that wrap under his arms to help it connect so there aren’t any holes in his back. So, small figure, big accessory, full articulation. Pretty great.

Review by Chris Wermeskerch

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