Saturday, November 26, 2011

Echo Base News Reviews - CW54: Saesee Tiin

The latest release of Saesee Tiin, this time in animated format, has got some interesting accessories including a wonderful nod to the original 2003 Star Wars: Clone Wars micro-series. Is he a must-have for your collection? Read on and find out in our latest review!

CW54: Saesee Tiin
Saesee Tiin would have been a good figure and a good value even without the jet pack gizmo that Hasbro gave him. He has almost full articulation: he had everything but ankles like figures that have been released around now have been. He has regular wrists and hips, though, but that's not exactly the worst thing that could happen to him, considering the Season 3 Anakin and Obi-Wan figures that Hasbro was churning out recently! 

His accessories are a mixed bag of good, awesome and weird and wonky. His light saber is good, but Hasbro still dosn't quite know which color he uses. His card art shows blue, but the figure has green. His helmet and armor come from the microseries: his helmet is just like the one that he used in the series. It's awesome to see which ways Hasbro will sneak the original series into the toy line: Sha'gi Zoinks' light saber comes with the Grievous and Wheel Bike Deluxe pack, Captain Fordo was in the ARC Troopers Battle Pack and The Vintage Collection, etc....

His jet pack...well, it justs doesn't work. He can't stand while it's attached to the body. (The jet pack attaches to the shoulder armor, again getting around the need for a hole in its back.) The pack falls apart when you look at it wrong...not like I am going to decry Hasbro for including it, but it wasn't their best attempt ever. 

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