Monday, October 24, 2011

Echo Base News Reviews - CW39: Hondo Ohnaka

Miss out on Hondo Ohnaka in the ugly red card line? Here's another shot! (And not very hard to find, either.)

TCW39: Hondo Ohnaka
Accessories: Vibro-cutlass, pistol, Pilf Mukmuk
Articulation: ball joint head, shoulders, elbows; swivel waist

You know, I sit here and hate to compare figures (you’d think a review would be about the figure by itself) but I can’t help but compare Hondo to Barriss. They both have wonderful sculpting but just bad articulation. Why do I compare them? Well, Barriss comes out as yet another Jedi. Let’s be honest: you threw her into a display with a bunch of other Jedi and didn’t really even need her to do anything special except stand there and look cool. Which she does, no going around that point. But in the end, she’s just another number. Hondo on the other hand has a much different release. He comes alone: no other Nikto Pirates were made or even have been made since that time. The only Piratey themed release is the Pirate Bike that came as a Deluxe set with Cad Bane and Hondo can’t even sit on that. Like, he can stand by it but he can’t use it, which is pretty lame indeed. Take for instance my display: my Hondo was originally posed fighting Embo and Anakin. While they took really cool poses, Hondo stood there next to his bike. Not on it, not awkwardly fit onto it, next to it. Standing there.
Hondo has no knees or ankles. That’s not the worst of it, though: he can barely stand. I mean, it’s possible but I ended up throwing mine on a stand. On one peg of the stand, otherwise I would have run the risk of giving the poor guy birthing hips. Boo. His sculpting, though, is wonderful. His coat, his shoulder-armor-bit-thing, his bandages around his arms, his face, his helmet are all wonderful. The detail put into them is almost astounding. Kudos, Hasbro. He has a very cool accessory in a vibro-cutlass, adding so much detail and life into the toy line. (I love how the Clone Wars uses a darksaber, shoto and vibro-anything.) A cool little feature is a built-in holster in his jacket for his pistol.
Pilf Mukmuk (uh-huh. Definitely silly compared to Salacious Crumb, huh?) is almost a separate figure in the same lines as Seripas under the armor and Salaciouses have been in the past. He retains no articulation of his own and is sculpted to sit on Hondo’s shoulders. He just cannot stand alone. It is slightly disappointing, but it’s understandable. On a separate note, I’d have preferred for this re-release that he would have been repainted into that blue one that Hondo had in the “Rise of the Bounty Hunters” season.
Bottom line? Not a very good toy, but a good figure. If you own a base.

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