Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Echo Base News Reviews - CW29 Mandalorian Warrior

Does anybody own this figure? Very few that I know have one, but I don't know anyone who has more than one of the basic figure. Is he worth tracking down?

TCW29: Mandalorian Warrior
Accessories: twin blasters, blaster rifle, backpack, nub rocket, big rocket
Articulation: Ball joint head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, knees, hips and ankles

Editor’s Note: Because I cannot spell Mandalorian right most of the time, I will refer to this guy as the Mando.

Out of the perfect molds that can be repainted again and again, the Mando stands among the few. This is, like, the third or fourth different time that this mold has been repainted. There was the basic release (the grey one, aka this one,) Pre, the speeder bike variety and the Battle Pack version. Of the four, only two of each goes with each other: Pre and the Speeder Mando and the Battle Pack and the Shadows of the Dark Side variety. This about the only real disappointment that comes with this Mando, thank the Maker.

The Mando comes with tip-top perfect articulation that would want: literally, ball-joint everything. How can one complain? All of the joints work as they should, all of the ranges of articulation are full and he can contort into any shape that you want. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect toy to you?

There are some good paint differences between this figure and the Battle Pack. I swear that this one seems a little darker…it could just be me, but I haven’t compared them very much. Sorry! But it’s a gray Mando, not black like Pre Vizsla so he sticks out a lot more than he really should. His weapons are darker than all of the other ones, too. Every part of the paint job matches the old one, except the gray parts are darker (but not quite black).

A few more quick notes about him: He has an action feature that doesn't impede articulation or play value! You can plug in a long rocket into his jetpack, pull down and fire it OR put in a nub so that it still looks good, but it won't fire. He comes with two regular blasters and an alleged rifle. It’s not much longer than his blasters, so I can’t really call it a rifle. He can barely hold it in both of his hands. I had a HECK of a time trying to find one for myself. I only found one…at Walgreens…for $13. Please don’t judge me >< Uhh..that’s about all I can add that I hadn’t said before!

Review by Chris Wermeskerch

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