Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hasbro Q&A for 8/19/2011 - THE ANSWERS

Our answers are in for the questions that were submitted on August 19th. Hasbro's responses are in bold.

1. Can we expect to see Kneesaa and Chukha-Trok from the Ewoks cartoon released in the near future?

We are seriously considering both of these figures as part of a 2012 exclusive. We have some details to work out with our retail partners so we can't make any promises, but we would like to deliver both of these next year.

2. What happened to holographic figures...did you retire the concept? If you don't plan on releasing anymore full size holographic figures, can we at least get some more mini handheld holograms as Clone Wars accessories?

The full-size holographic figures have not historically been our strongest sellers, but the mini handheld holograms are something we can look at as accessories.

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