Friday, September 30, 2011

Echo Base Reviews - CW26 Flamethrower Clone Trooper

Late night reviews? Don't mind if I do! At least the Flamethrower Clone Trooper can light a candle for ya!

CW26: Flamethrower Clone Trooper
blaster, flamethrower, removable shoulder and head gear
Articulation: ball joint shoulders, elbows, knees; swivel head, waist, wrists, hips

On the scale of figures I'm disappointed in: this figure is really high up there. Might we start with the negatives? There aren't many ball joints: he doesn't have ankles, wrists or a head. I mean...the Stone mold at least has a ball joint helmet. I get that his head design might prevent its full range of motion, but it's the thought that counts, right? His hands are a little small and dainty; he can still hold his blasters fine but they look out of proportion and make him look even smaller than before. The removable gear can easily pop off, and then get lost. (I glued mine once I found a pose of theirs that I liked.)

Let's go to the positives? He has an excellent sculpt: extra gear, ribbing on his arms and legs and he looks like the show. His paint job is great and it matches the rest of the Landing on Point Rain that's definitely a plus. His kama is soft goods so that he can sit well on the Geo AT-RT, so no qualms there. Sitting is very important, of course. (Did I mention that these are my favorite episodes?) Bottom line? If you want the clones, they're good for standing around. You won't get many poses, but they look nice. He can sit and hold weapons, so it's not bad for clone fans in general...he just doesn't do much.

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