Thursday, September 8, 2011

Echo Base News Reviews - CW50: Captain Rex (Cold Weather Gear)

It's the most wonderful time of the yeaarrrrrrrr! Or, not even Fall. But, hey. That's not gonna stop us from taking a look at Captain Rex in Cold Weather Gear today, will it? Of course not.

TCW50: Captain Rex in Cold Weather Gear
Accessories: blaster, blaster pistols, backpack, shoulder pads
Articulation: ball joint shoulders, elbows, knees; swivel neck, wrists, hips

Showing us that Hasbro knows how to milk a mold, let's take a look at Captain Rex in Cold Weather Gear. And when they milk a mold, they go ahead and make it better. Why, Hasbro? Rex features very subpar articulation: no ball joint head or removable helmet, doesn't have our special upgraded wrists or ankles. (Wait, Chris. Don't you love the Stone mold which has similar articulation? Yeah, I do, invisible voice in my head! But the Stone mold can stand, and Rex cannot.) His head turns on a swivel pin, so it wasn't even made to be taken off. Unfortunate. He can hold his weapons just fine, so his sculpt isn't a problem. His kama is sculpted plastic, disallowing the ability to sit in the Freeco speeder.

Actually, he features a very nice paint job. The gray isn't flat, there's battle damage in his stripes and you can tell that this is supposed to be Rex. High five, Hasbro! I complain a lot, but he's a nice display piece.

Bottom line: Buy him to finish out the set of Orto Plutonia figures. And then buy the Snow Clone I conveniently forget in each past review of the snow figures. Oops :) You'll be glad you did.

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