Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Echo Base News Reviews - VC37: Super Battle Droid!

Today we begin reviewing some older figures from Hasbro's Vintage Collection, starting with the Super Battle Droid from 2011's Attack of the Clones-themed wave of figures. Is this figure more than a repaint? Read on to find out!

Super Battle Droid
Accessories: blaser pistol
Articulation: ball joint shoulders and elbows; swivel waist, hips, and knees

The Vintage Collection Super Battle Droid is just a simple repaint of the Super Battle Droid from the 2008 Battle on Mygeeto Battle Pack, with a pistol accessory thrown in for good measure. The Super Battle Droid features the same articulation as the 2008 figure, which is good enough for the character. One can replicate many of the shooting poses from the film, and also create some decent "at-attention" poses. The sculpt is very detailed, and Hasbro added a gunmetal paint application for this figure with detailed eyes and painted on "battle damage."

On the plus side, this Super Battle Droid features one of the best paint applications out of all previous releases and perhaps looks the most accurate to the character in the movie. While looks are always a good thing, they can't save this figure from what it is: an overpriced repaint. The 2007/08 Super Battle Droid sculpt is excellent and holds up very well, but it doesn't belong in the Vintage Collection. Hasbro should have repainted the Super Battle Droid from the 2010 Geonosis Arena 2-pack (which featured ball jointed ankles) or added forearm articulation to warrant the Vintage Collection's ten dollar price point. For someone who wants the most accurate Super Battle Droid available, this figure is the way to go. If you are looking for a Super Battle Droid to army build or don't care about screen accuracy, the Saga Legends releases are cheaper and feature more weapons and accessories. Overall, this is one of Hasbro's weakest offerings in the Vintage Collection. Straight repaints should not be included in a "premium" assortment.


Review by Greg Bridgeman

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