EchoBaseNews.com has been “Keeping Star Wars Cool Since 2008.” Originally known as Echo Base Forums, the site was started by David Delgado primarily as a place to discuss Star Wars collecting. In the years since, it is quickly growing into one of the ultimate destinations for complete Star Wars news, including the latest collecting news and movie news, thorough product reviews, live event coverage, exclusive interviews, and much much more!

To meet the demands of an increasing number of followers, a highly qualified and passionate staff has been brought on board. As Echo Base News enters its fifth year on the Internet, we continue to develop new ways to produce and deliver the most exciting Star Wars content on the web!

David Delgado
David Delgado has been a huge Star Wars fan since…forever. He founded Echo Base News back in 2008 and with the help of the Echo Base News team and the support of thousands of loyal readers, he is excited to continue taking the site to new levels.

David has years of experience in the Star Wars community. He has contributed to the hugely popular Research Droids Reviews column at Jedi Temple Archives, served as a forum moderator for Droids & Ewoks and the Jedi Temple War Room, and is a member of several other Star Wars forums. David has been featured in the Coruscant Underbelly webazine and in 2011 was a special guest interviewed on Episode 48 of Dark Empire Radio.

In addition to running Echo Base News, David has also written several Hasbro product reviews for the site and conducted dozens of interviews with Star Wars celebrities including Bai Ling, Ashley Eckstein, and Eric Walker. He enjoys attending conventions including San Diego Comic Con, Star Wars Fan Days, Wonder Con, and the San Jose Super Toy Show. He is also an avid Star Wars autograph collector, and hopes to start organizing private signings for Echo Base News.

David lives and studies in Santa Cruz, California.

Chris Wermeskerch
Chris Wermeskerch joined Echo Base News in early 2011 as the website administrator, dealing mainly with content management and forum and social media administration. He is the supervising editor for the Rebel Reviews column and has contributed nearly one hundred reviews himself (as of this posting) with a focus on The Clone Wars line. Chris also conducts interviews and promotes Echo Base News at conventions.

Chris has an extensive Star Wars background, formerly serving as a forum moderator at Bantha Skull and posting in several other forums. In addition to further developing the successful Rebel Reviews format, Chris has big plans for more exciting Echo Base News features in the near future.

Chris lives and studies in Ames, Iowa.

John Laskaris
John Laskaris has been contributing to Echo Base News since August 2011. He is a tremendous fan of all things Star Wars and is the resident expert on the trivia of all six movies and the Expanded Universe.

He has been heavily involved in the Star Wars RP community and even started his very own RP forums back in 2010. He can often be found on Facebook interacting with hundreds of other RP enthusiasts. John serves Echo Base News as a moderator in several sections of the forums as well as publishing articles on Star Wars history and conducting interviews. He plans to start reviewing the latest Star Wars literature later this year as well.

John comes to us from Greece.

Email - johnl@echobasenews.com

Ruari Williamson
The latest highly qualified reporter to join the Echo Base News team, Ruari Williamson comes to us with experience posting interviews and product reviews for the Star Wars Underworld. Ruari will be covering the latest Star Wars news with a focus on the latest exciting developments from The Clone Wars television series and product line. He also will be a moderator in the Echo Base Forums.

Ruari lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Email - ruariw@echobasenews.com

BJ Humphrey
BJ Humphrey took over the position of Head of the Customizing Department in 2011. He brings to Echo Base News his unique vision as a skilled action figure customizer and an accomplished artist. He has been very active in customizing forums such as Yakface and Imperial Shipyards and knows what it takes to produce a fun and welcoming community for customizers to show off their efforts. He has big plans to take customizing and fan art at Echo Base News to the next level and will be organizing several awesome contests and challenges throughout 2012.

BJ lives and studies in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Matt McMullin
Forum Moderator

Hasbro Q&A Correspondent

Dorian Snyder
Forum Administrator

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